YSAO:n ja Savonia-AMK:n henkilöstöä ja opiskelijoita Mersun tehtaalla

Virtual Learning Environment of Smart Factory / Multiplier Event 2 – 17.5.23 13:00-14:10

Online event from 12.00-13.10 (Danish time/13.00-14.10 Finnish time)

The goal of VLEFACTORY is to create a virtual learning environment about smart factories. The aim is to create online and flexibly designed learning units that enable individual and quickly adaptable training.

The purpose of this online event is to provide insight into the content which our four partner schools have provided for the online platform www.vlefactory.eu/

12.00-12.10Presentation of overall goal with VLE FACTORY
12.10-12.20CBS Modul 1 presentation and questions
12.20-12.30Mercantec Modul 2 presentation and questions
12.30-12.40YSAO Modul 3 presentation and questions
12.40-12.50Savonia Modul 4 presentation and questions
12.50-13.00Savonia Modul 5 presentation and questions
13.00-13.10Summary of the meeting and evaluation

More information and registration:
Mika Julkunen, Ylä-Savon Ammattiopisto
040 6686 068