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KesTech has been actively contributing to the technological development of Ylä-Savo since 2022, playing a significant role in supporting the business development of small and medium-sized organizations. Recognizing the ongoing need for a dedicated development platform in the region, KesTech has not only sustained its presence but also resumed operations at the start of 2024.

KesTech’s central team is rooted in four key pillars: Savonia Higher School of Applied Sciences, Ylä-Savo Vocational College (YSAO), University of Easter Finland (UEF), and Iisalmen Teollisuuskylä. This foundation ensures a rich diversity of skills, experiences, and developmental perspectives. By drawing from these institutions, KesTech provides a robust and varied network, uniquely positioned to support the developmental goals of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the region.


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One of KesTech’s primary objectives is to collaborate with small and medium-sized companies in Ylä-Savo, assisting them in their development and transitions. As part of this commitment, we actively engage in forecasting trends and changes at both regional and national levels, as well as globally. This enables us to stay abreast of the latest transition topics relevant to companies.

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KesTech is establishing an open, multi-actor discussion platform—a roundtable—focused on addressing the most significant needs identified by local organizations. Through this initiative, the entire region has the opportunity to collaborate towards a common shift and mutually support continuous development.

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An additional focal point for KesTech is the development of an operational model to collaborate with companies, providing support for their growth. This entails researching the educational needs within the companies and facilitating access to necessary experts, both from Finland and abroad, to address the risk of human resource constraints in the companies. Furthermore, it is imperative for KesTech to concentrate on formulating an appropriate educational pathway for both Finnish and international students. This educational trajectory should align with the developmental objectives of organizations, meeting their specific needs.

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KesTech recognizes that it cannot achieve its goals in isolation and emphasizes the crucial need for collaboration within the network it gathers. Consequently, we are actively engaging with existing projects and clusters to not only support our objectives but also reinforce their often-mutual goals. Regarding the needs of foreign students, KesTech collaborates closely with TalentHub, engaging in open discussions with organizations requiring foreign workforce and involving municipalities to actively support this initiative.

In order to facilitate effective collaboration among stakeholders in the Ylä-Savon region, we are partnering with the Yhessä competence network, providing a platform for extensive discussions on how to bolster the region’s development initiatives.

Our common focus with TechSavo is on identifying the current developmental needs of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the area. We actively participate in common events and work collaboratively to shape the developmental trajectory of our clients, both in terms of products and projects.

To stay abreast of the latest trends, KesTech is actively participating in the SIX network, a national platform that monitors and engages with the most recent developmental trends. To strengthen our global presence, we are aiming to be actively involved in the European Cluster Excellence Initiative. This initiative would allow us to broaden our international experience, enabling us to participate in global projects. By doing so, we aim to offer our regional customers a wealth of skills and knowledge beyond our national borders.


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KesTech serves as a bridge in the Ylä-Savo region, seamlessly integrating the skills and expertise of our core team while also harnessing the diverse competencies and experiences present in our network. By doing so, KesTech provides tailored opportunities for the development of medium and small-sized entrepreneurs, aligning with their specific needs and objectives. Our approach involves collaborative engagement, where the KesTech team and the customers work together continuously to shape the most suitable strategies that meet customers’ expectations and overcome challenging obstacles.

Upcoming events

The KesTech Competence Center organizes information sessions and seminars to enhance the development of technological knowledge and competence. You can find more information about our events in the event calendar.

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